Comprehensive PR Strategy

We’ll design a comprehensive campaign plan or a communication strategy for your brand to help you meet your business goals. Think of it as “campaign in a box”.

  • Created “from scratch”
  • 30-50 pages
  • Easy to implement


How it works:

1. Fill out the request form below.

2. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours to schedule an interview.

3. Pay the deposit ($199, applied towards your order, non-refundable in case of a cancellation).

4. Talk to us! One hour of your time. In person or via video chat.

5. Within 3 days post-interview, we’ll send you an outline for review. Before we dive deep into research, we want to make sure our priorities are aligned.

6. Pay the remaining amount.

7. Receive your ready-to-implement communication strategy. Implement on your own or hire Wits PR.

While the exact content will vary based on your needs, every strategy document will include the following sections:

Situation overviewEconomic and social factors affecting your brand/goal. Who are the competitors and what do they do well? What is the issue of concern? Who else is affected?
About YOUHow is your brand perceived? When people talk about your brand/cause/goal, what do they talk about?
SWOT analysis.
Goals and ObjectivesSpecific and measurable.
Stakeholder MapLimiters, Enablers, Producers and Customers. We’ll categorize them all!
Your Target AudiencesConsumers, voters, donors or investors?
We’ll dive deep into their wants, needs and habits to find that sweet spot where the alignment of interests is achieved.
Your opinion leaders, influencers and the mediaIndividuals and organizations who can help you meet your goals detailed category breakdown and 5-10 names (indicative examples) names for each category.
StrategyRecommended approach + why it will work.
MessagingPrimary and secondary messages for each of your target audience + explanation of messaging strategy. A good message should combine both emotional and rational appeals.

Target media database (50-200 media contacts and how to reach them)
Influencer list (Profiles of influencers who could amplify your message, including engagement stats)
Events calendar
Potential partners (nonprofits, social causes, public initiatives)
Media StrategyWhat platforms to use, when, how and why?
TacticsList of recommended tactics + costs + implementation notes

Interpersonal communication and media tactics, including paid, earned and shared. Examples: conferences and speaking engagements, media interviews corporate philanthropy, special events, brand activations, 1-1 meetings, media trips, commissioned research, guest blogging, newsroom announcements…from the virtually endless list of options we’ll choose the tactics that will work for you.
Evaluation metrics and KPIsWhat will success look like? How will this plan impact the awareness, attitudes and behavior of your target audience?
ResourcesThings you’ll need to implement this. The selection will depend on your goals. Examples: sample questionnaire, press-release template, social media guidelines, pitch template, tips to improve website usability, etc.
BudgetBreakdown of costs and optimization options.
*Prices do not include taxes

Add-on services:

Crisis Comms Manual


We’ll identify potential risks for negative press, public perception or uncontrollable events and design a crisis communication manual.

You’ll know what to say, when and to whom in each type of a crisis situation.

Audience Discovery


Primary research of your audience, such as interviews, surveys or focus groups.*

Did you know? Conducting audience research is a great way to test public perception before an important event such as M&A, IPO or a strategic product launch.

Social media audit


We’ll conduct a systematic examination of your social data and capture what your target audiences are saying about you, what you are saying, and what your competitors are doing on social media.**

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